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So, for the next few days, [personal profile] erinkyan is out of the state, caring for a friend, and so I've been home alone. After discovering that despite my cool new computer case having better fans, it's still not good enough to really play, say, Starcraft all day without the Graphics card moving past 95C on a day like this.

So... I realised that [personal profile] erinkyan had often lamented that his room is constantly messy and full of crap. After a quick call to make sure it was alright, I decided to actually get his room into gear.

I have since unpacked 2 boxes, consolidated a whole bunch of CDs into a single box, organised his bedside drawers, moved a whole bunch of wooden slats out into the garage, unpacked and hung a whole lot of clothes, moved a bunch of sheets and blankets into the linen closet, found several missing remotes, found one of my pairs of missing glasses (of which I'm still not actually sure how they migrated into one of [personal profile] erinkyan's bags), found out where all the tweezers had gone to, cleaned up a whole lot of rubbish, changed the sheets, applied several extension leads to provide power to the TV and DVD players of which I'd now found the remotes for, collated all his arts supplies, moved a whole lot of disused boxes into the top storage section of his wardrobe, vacuumed the floor and made sure all his rope was properly wrapped up and put away.

It was totally awesome. So, how clean is my room?

Well, if I have to be totally frank, I haven't really started on my room yet...

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And so, this journal reaches the end of another year, safe and sound. I used to have a tradition (as so many LJers and DWers have) of marking the end of the year with a nice big recap post of everything that's happened during the year. I seem to have a slightly different tradition, looking back on my previous years - I seem to have a different kind of end-of-year post every year, which I guess is kind of fitting - The last few years have left me acutely aware of the changing nature of my life, how everything seem to shift so radically from year to year, and so it seems that every year, I need something different to mark the ending of the years. Last year, for example, I decided to make a change and focus on the directions for the next year - look forwards instead of look back.

This year, though, I really do think I need to look back. There's been a lot of stuff that's happened this year and I can't say that I've really gone and given myself full closure on a lot of it. With such an obvious ending looming in sight, I thought I'd take the opportunity to take stock of those things that have ended for me in this year, to bring it into the light and take the chance to accept these endings before the year clocks over once more.

This year, first of all,marked the ending of my goal of going back to university to continue my studies. Earlier this year I came to the realisation that I was constantly looking at every job I had as just a placeholder - something to run with until I paid off my debts so I could go back to uni. Which would have been fine - except that the goal kept getting further and further away, because I never seemed to be paying my debts off, and this kept making me more and more miserable. This year, I realised what a price this misery was holding on me, and so I stopped waiting, and decided to put my all into the place I had now, the job I had now.

This year, I ended my tenancy with the wonderful people of Clive St and moved in with [personal profile] erinkyan. It's meant a few sacrifices, but I have a wonderful home, with a wonderful couch, it's an ending with a wonderful new beginning.

And then, there are the endings with no beginnings to follow. This year I lost my Uncle Michael, most likely due his body giving out. He was an inspiration in a lot of ways to me, and I miss him dearly. Since then, I've acquired a few things of his - I ended up with his graduation robes, and some of his other university paraphernalia. I still miss him sometimes, there's occaisionally a bit of sadness, but I think my feelings have reached that place of acceptance. Missed, but not grieved over any longer.

He was not the only one to fall this year - A good friend of mine, Steve, also died this year, tragically by his own hand. Since his death I've been trying to accept that death, but of course it's been hard, so hard. In a lot of ways, it's Steve that's been bringing me to this post, a couple of things in the last few days have got me back to thinking about Steve again, and there's clearly still a lot of emotion floating around. I want to bring it up, to think about it again, feel that hurt, confusion, sadness, grief, properly and willingly, so I can leave his ending with the ending of the new year.

Because they're all still there. I still miss him so much, and it hurts to know that I'll never have another conversation with him in person. I still don't think I understand why he did it, but I think I've come to the conclusion that maybe there's not much there to get - or perhaps, that the reason just isn't that important. As much as I want to know, knowing doesn't bring him back. When I think about him I still sometimes break into tears, I've broken into tears a few times writing this post in fact. I guess in a lot of ways I haven't been able to take that feeling of closure from the rituals I've been engaging in, and I know he doesn't have a grave I can visit to go talk to him (although really, you don't have to be at a grave to talk to the dead - you just need to find a way to make the connection). I wish I could find that last end, put it all to rest, but I'm not sure this Ending is going to be that neat.

And so, I open up the post to the floor - please, if you will, if you can spare, join me in taking the endings we've had this year, share them, and maybe we can leave these endings to rest this year, so we can better accept and love the beginnings that will surely sprout next year.

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The Best Mistake in the World...

You may have already seen the news on Erin's LJ, but in case you didn't know - There was a major mistake with the suit we ordered for Erin's birthday, but it's turned out to be a genuinely brilliant mistake for us:

Click here to get the full information, but simply - we're getting two suits for the price of one! Awesome!

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Crazy Couple of Weeks

Oh man, has it been crazy.

So, in the last few weeks:

1) I've moved to a new, extremely shiny place
2) It looks like I'm getting promoted at work - They're planning to move me to the Premier call centre (Where they deal with important customers). Took a while, but I'm looking forward to it :)
3) I went to my cousin Paula's wedding, which was a beautiful affair.
4) Been absurdly busy getting house in order. No matter how many times you move, it still takes forever to get the house the way you want it!
5) Put a deposit down on a brand new couch. It is comfy and so incredibly soft, and has cup holders and storage space, and it shall be mine!
6) Spent a long and terrible two weeks with only mobile internet. For probably the first time ever, I have actually gone through my entire mobile pack this month and then some!

I am certain that there have been other noteworthy things, but I am le tired, so I honestly cannot remember them all.

So, hi! I'm alive!

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We. Has. A HOUSE!!!

So, me and Erin have been househunting for a good month or so. There's been a lot of houses seen, a lot of Real Estate Agents strangely really liking the two of us, but still not being able to convert to actual places, which has been a little frustrating.

But, that's come to an end. Yesterday, we got approved for a house. And it's not just any house. It's a modern, beautiful house. A house with a garage with inside access, a house with air-con and heating, a house with a huge dining/living/kitchen area... It's the kind of house you look at and go "Man, this house is way too awesome for us to be able to get it".

And we got it. Oh sure, we had to match someone else's upbid on the rent. But this place? Totally worth it. And today, I go to the bank to buy the bank cheque for the bond, and get the money for first month's rent. We sign the leases, get everything out the way, and it's ours. For the next 12 months at least. But I'm so totally cool with that. The best part? It's about 5 minutes away from my current place. Still in Zone 1. Still accessible with the same bus even!

It's going to be an awesome house, and I cannot wait to get the stress of moving out the way so we can actually enjoy the house.

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An odd question relating to the election

I know I have a few people with political experience in my circles, and while I was watching the Election coverage last night, a question came to me.

How, exactly does the vote counting work?

Specifically, I'm wondering, do all the votes get taken to a central facility, or are they counted at the polling booth? I keep hearing of booths being counted pretty much at end of polling, and it seems to me that, especially in the rural electorate, it would have to take a fairly significant amount of time for the voting papers to get couriered to the tally room. If they're all being sent to a central counting room, the rural polling booths (especially in seats like Katherine, where there must be a huge number of very isolated polling stations) would barely get to the counting room before end of the election coverage.

And yet, we get counts for them on the night. So... How do the logistics of vote counting work?

In terms of actual reaction to the results? As much as I absolutely loathe the idea of Abbott in power, I suspect that even if he is in power, the Greens in the senate (and the House of Reps! Yay! Congrats all round to Adam Bandt!) will probably cause all manner of consternation for him. Even if he becomes PM, this is not a win for him, and the next few years are likely to be a horribly frustrating experience for him. I don't think it's quite time to start booking flights out of Australia just yet.

If Gillard wins she's likely to have a much better time of it, and I suspect that also, we're much more likely to get an ETS and Gay Marriage out of Labor with the Greens holding balance of power.

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MOAR Dreamwidth codes!

So, after the recent Dreamwidth invite code release, I now find myself with 11 Dreamwidth invite codes. So, obviously, anyone who wants one is more than welcome to ask! Same general rules apply, same as the rest of code giveaways - Friends before Friends of Friends, Friends of Friends before Random Strangers. If in doubt, post and ask - the worst I can do is say no! :)
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To the Arcade!

I like arcades.

Consider it a throwback to my youth if you like. But I've come to embrace my happiness at arcades full of flashing lights, dodgy prizes and loud buzzers of success. There are a few reasons I like the arcades, the first major one being that I never go to an arcade alone. There is something about the arcade which screams group activity. It's just so much more fun to go with a friend, or with a group, and enjoy the atmosphere, and watch your friends play games, and then let your friends watch you.

This was never so well-demonstrated as last night, when me and [personal profile] radicalyffe decided to spend a night out at the arcades. Even more fun was that [personal profile] radicalyffe had never gone to an arcade before, so you had the extra fun of being able to introduce a friend to the classic arcade games of your youth, and the fun of collecting tickets for one of the prizes that are actually worth something.

You know, I really should plan a big group outing to the arcade. Get everyone to plan for $20-30 of spending and just go nuts for an afternoon. That sounds like that would be fantastic fun!

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